Successful Commissioning in the 2nd half of 2013


One Francis turbine with an output of 538 kW was commissioned for the hydropower plant Novaci 5 belonging to the company ISPH SA.


HPP Golemacha and HPP Mala Reka: For each project one 2-nozzled Pelton turbine was commissioned featuring an output of 424 kW respectively 245 kW each.

HPP Gradecka: The first of four hydropower plants for the company PCC was successfully commissioned. The 2- jet Pelton turbine generates 920 kW at a net head of 298 m and a discharge of 0.35 m³/s.



One 2-jet Pelton turbine with an output of 2179 kW was commissioned for the hydropower plant Coralito.



One 2-jet Pelton Turbine with an output of 2330 kW for the hydropower plant Cerruje 1 was commissioned for the company ENERGY DEVELOPMENT GROUP.


For each of the drinking water hydropower projects Suba  and Usaquen belonging to the company Acueducto de Bogota SA two Francis turbines with an output of 2626 kW and 1810 kW respectively were commissioned.


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