Mission & Vision

The idea of ​​self-sufficiency in the power supply can be found in the cornerstone of our development history. Rupert GUGLER, the grandfather of our founders, gave an entire community autonomy in the area of ​​power supply. We remain true to his basic idea and with our services we also want to make an important contribution to the delevopment of regions.

We have expanded significantly in the past few years. Not least because of the entrepreneurial spirit that still inspires our company. Maybe even more than ever. Our mission to make an ecological and innovative contribution worldwide with the economic use of small hydropower plants is already helping in many countries to generate clean electricity from hydropower.

Our vision is that today and in the future we are one of the technologically leading providers who offer economically efficient and long-lasting hydropower technologies that generate electricity from hydropower profitably and enable our shareholders to achieve an appropriate return

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