Peru – Francis Turbines for 13 MW hydropower plant

Union Andina de Cementos SAA (UNACEM) placed the order with GUGLER Water Turbines for the supply of the entire electro-mechanical equipment for the hydropower plant Carpapata III. The generated electricity will be fed into the company-own grid of the nearby cement works UNACEM. The new hydropower plant liest at 2500 m above sea level.
The two Francis turbines have a nominal output of 6437 kW each; the neat head is 113.8 m and the discharge is 6.35 m³/s. The commissioning is planned for 2015.

Decisive for the award of contract were beside the very convincing technology and quality of the equipment quoted also the successful reference project Nuevo Imperial which was commissioned in the year 2012 in Peru.

(1st half 2013)

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