Commissioning of 12 MW Hydropower Plant Kota 2 in Malaysia

In spring 2020, GUGLER successfully put into operation the Kota 2 Hydropower Plant in Malaysia. The plant is equipped with 3 horizontal Francis turbines with 4 MW each.

Each Francis turbine is designed for a Net Head of 222m and 2m³/s Flow. GUGLER supplied all electromechanical equipment (“water-to-wire”) for this project including Francis turbines, generators, hydraulic power units, inlet valves, cooling circuits for the cooling of the generators, electrical control and protection systems, medium voltage switchgears, transformers and a state-of-the art SCADA system for an easy and reliable control of the powerplant.


Kota 2, Malaysia, 2020

Scope of Supply: Francis Turbine, Generator, HPU, Inlet valve, Cooling Circuit, Control systems, Medium Voltage System, SCADA, Transformer

Number of Units
Total Output (kW)
12 111
Head of water (m)
Flow (m3/s)
Runner Diameter (mm)


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