Indonesia – Major order for Cibareno and Krueng Isep

HPP Cibareno 1:

The company PT Bangun Bumi Bersatu awards a contract to GUGLER Water Turbines for the supply of two (2) Francis turbines with a total output of 5.5 MW for the hydropower plant Ciberno 1 which is the first of a chain of projects to be erected on the southern coast of Java.
This will be the second assignment in Indonesia after the successful commissioning of one Francis turbine for the hydropower plant Batu Hampar in Sumatra in the year 2012.

Decisive for the award of contract were the convincing technology and quality of the equipment quoted. The Francis runners are completely CNC machined; a stainless steel forged monoblock is utilized as primary material thus guaranteeing highest precision and efficiency.

HPP Krueng Isep:

GUGLER Water Turbines obtains the order from PT Senegan Energi for two (2) vertical, 6-jet Pelton turbines as well as the appertaining electro-mechanical equipment for the hydropower plant Krueng Isep in Acheh on the island of Sumatra.

The installed output of this hydropower plant is 13.3 MW at a discharge of 2.275 m³/s per turbine; the net head lies at 335.9 m. The commissioning is planned for 2015.

(1st half 2013)

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